Four Reasons Why Pool Safety is Important

Drowning is typically thought to be the only swimming pool danger, but injuries can also result from unchecked chemical levels and slippery surfaces. Read more on how to create a safe environment for adults and children. 

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Prevent Drowning

It only takes 20-60 seconds for a person to struggle on the water’s surface before being fully submersed under the water. Drowning is a very fast process, it often goes unnoticed when it is happening. Adult supervision is always required. 

Prevent Pool Drain Entrapment

Pool drain entrapments happen when a part of the body of clothing is sucked by an open drain, the swimmer is trapped under water until they are drowned.

Prevent a Slip & Trip

Pools often have wet and slippery decks. Many are at risk of slipping and being injured or falling into the pool which may cause them to drown. Diving injuries can also happen especially when people are unsupervised.These injuries can range from back pain to spinal injuries.  

Pool Water Quality

Strict laws are required for pool safety. Although the pool water may look pristine, there are many types of bacteria that can be a breeding ground for water illnesses. These include 

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Strict Laws: Required for Pool Safety

It is expected that every pool owner must obey the law. If the swimming pool owner does not follow the pool safety obligations, it will be considered a violation which will eventually result in penalties. Give us a call today for a free consultation!