Top 10 Common Property Code Violations

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Accumulation of Trash and Debris

Trash and debris may not be left in yards, unless it is the proper location for collection by a water hauler. This includes auto parts, appliances, furniture, building materials, garbage, paper, cardboard, tree trimmings, limbs, or other items not suitable for storage in the open. Improper placement of trash receptacles. 

Boats, Recreational Vehicles, & Trailers

Boats, recreational vehicles (RVs), and trailers in residential areas shall be parked and screened from view on three sides; unless registered as a non-conforming uses with the city. Not more than one recreational vehicle (camping trailer, truck camper, and motor home) shall be parked on an owner’s property at any single time. 

Recreational vehicles shall not exceed 30 feet in length and shall not be occupied, except for the purpose of repair or maintenance, at any time during said parking or storage.

Motor Vehicles

Inoperative and/or derelict vehicles are not permitted. A vehicle is considered inoperable if a current tag isn’t displayed and/or it is not fully equipped to legall and safely operate on public streets.

of Structures

The maintenance of all structures is the responsibility of the owner. Any deteriorating wood, siding, roof covering, fence, walls, etc shall be maintained in sound condition and good repair.

Landscape Maintenance Structures

Maintenance of yards and swales/rights-of-way abutting property are the responsibility of the property owner. The righ-of-way must be free of obstructions cuase by trees, vegetation, or other objects. Landscaping must be maintained.

Address Numerals

House address numbers not displayed or visible from street. 

Refer to your local municipality for any address numeral requirements. For example, in Oakland Park address numerals at least three inches high are required to be installed on all residential buildings with four dwelling units or less, all other residential and nonresidential buildings shall have address numerals at least 10 inches high.

If the street lights are out and there are emergency needs, the police, EMS or fire department need to be able to easily identify the house.

Bulk Trash Violations

Bulk trash shall not be placed on the swale for pickup earlier than 48 hours before the start of scheduled bulk trash collection – see the Bulk Pickup Map and Schedule for collection days in your city.

Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage is prohibited. You may not keep indoor furniture, household appliances, atuo parts, building materials, or any other similar items outside your property.

Pool Fences
& Enclosures

All swimming pools are required to have a fence at least four feet high or a screen enclosure and must meet pool barrier code.

Without Permits

It is unlawful to construct, enlrage, alter, repair, move, remove, or demolish any building, structure, or any part thereof; or to change the occupancy of a building from one use group to another without first having filed application and obtaining a permit.