Expired Shutters Permit in High Rise Condo

Expired Shutters Permit in High Rise Condo


Hurricane  Shutters  

Florida Building Code requires that non-impact windows be protected with hurricane shutters. Installing shutters can be expensive but in the long run, it will protect your home from hurricane force winds preventing your windows from shattering as a result of the wind pressure. 

Regardless of the style of shutters, a building permit is always required. When preparing a permit application, the contractor should indicate the type of shutters, location, the number of shutters being installed, Notice of Acceptance or product approval number and standard engineer drawings with wind load calculations. Once the permit is approved, the contractor should install shutters per manufacturer guidelines and schedule inspections. 

Keep in mind a permit expires after 180 days of being issued because of lack of progress or abandonment. If the contractor installs the shutters but does not schedule inspections, the permit will expire.

In our case below, the contractor did schedule the required inspection but failed for various reasons. A re-inspection was never scheduled, therefore, the permit expired. 


Expired Shutters Permit in a High Rise Condo  

Although the homeowner was not selling her property, she was notified of an expired shutter permit from 2006, nearly 11 years later! Without resolution of this permit in a timely manner, the city would have had enforced daily fines.

After research of the expired permit, it was identified that the permit originally failed inspections for the following reasons:

  • Work concealed.
  • Roll up shutter attachments concealed.
  • Remove canopy and hard plastic cover plates.
  • Balcony Accordion missing fastener and header.

All items noted by the previous inspector, were on the exterior of the building,9 stories high! Due to the height of the unit and the exterior work that needed to be completed based on the previous inspector’s comments, panic ensued. The owner was concerned that she would need to rent a crane or swing stage to address exterior repairs, costing her a fortune.

We advised the homeowner to proceed with only minor maintenance to avoid any unnecessary repairs using safety fall protection equipment. Luckily, with Aruba’s expertise, we completed only minor repairs to ensure the shutters were fully operational and pass inspections!

The homeowners were relieved to save the additional expense and satisfied with the guidance from Team Aruba.

Notes from our satisfied clients:

“Very impressed with the efficiency, level of communication to keep everyone up to date and the friendliness and courtesy of Aruba. Will use you whenever the need arises in my work. My reputation was “on the line’ in recommending Aruba, and you did me proud.”  – Client’s Attorney

“Thank you very much for your kind and efficient help throughout this entire process. You really stay on top of things! It’s been such a pleasure working with you and Aruba Permit Services. I’d recommend your company any day!”-Homeowner


In our line of work, we experience all types of shutter situations. Our project managers are here to provide solutions and work around the permitting process.

We look forward to assisting you in all your building permit needs.

Contact us at 954-786-7292


Tips from Aruba:

  • Always display permit card on the job site.
  • Make sure during inspections, building officials initial each section.
  • The final inspection must be signed off to close the building permit.


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