Don’t let code enforcement get you down in the “Dumps”

Don’t let code enforcement get you down in the “Dumps”

Dumpster Enclosure Requirements at Commercial or Multi-family properties


While dumpsters serve a practical purpose in our community, they tend to be unsightly in a neighborhood setting. A commercial dumpster enclosure will keep your property looking spiffy and prevent passersby from overloading your bins— which can rack up extra fees for you in the process.

To improve the appearance and cleanliness, City Commissions approved changes to the code requiring dumpster enclosures for all commercial and multi-family properties with 3 or more units.

Requirements and city ordinances will change with each municipality but below is a guideline for the common requirements for dumpster enclosures.

  • A building permit is required by your local municipality prior to constructing or installing an enclosure. Be sure to include a property survey clearly showing proposed dumpster location, setback from property lines, the location of gate openings (including swing), dimensions of the enclosure (length and width), material, height, and landscape.
  • Enclosures can be constructed of wood lumber, plastic lumber, masonry or concrete.
  • Enclosure height shall be 12 inches or greater than the highest part of the dumpster.
  • Enclosures must be placed on a hardened paving surface.
  • Enclosure gates must be opaque (not see through) material.
  • Enclosure gates cannot swing over the property lines or into the public right-of-way.
  • It is encouraged, but not required, for multi-family property enclosures to have a separate pedestrian gate for ease of access.
  • Placement of dumpsters and enclosures shall be planned and constructed in a manner that allows unobstructed access to each dumpster and the unobstructed opening of the gates during the emptying process.
  • Dumpsters shall not be located in such a manner that the service vehicle will block any street intersection.
  • When adjacent to residentially zoned properties, enclosures shall be placed as far as possible from the abutting residential property line.
  • Enclosures with gates that swing out from the dumpster shall be set back from the property line at least the distance equal to the width of the gate.
  • Enclosure gates shall be closed at all times except for the time necessary to service the dumpster.
  • All enclosures shall have service access gates.

Contact your local municipality for more information on dumpster enclosure requirements and check for any specific city ordinance guidelines that may be mandatory


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