What to Know Before Replacing a Garage Door in South Florida

What to Know Before Replacing a Garage Door in South Florida

What do know Before Replacing a Garage Door in South Florida

Are you considering a garage door replacement but aren’t sure what specifications are required?  Here in South Florida, we must worry about hurricanes and the safety threats they pose. If you are worried about whether your home will be able to withstand the next hurricane, you may want to consider a new garage door installation.

Many people assume that because garage doors are so big and heavy that there is no need to worry about them suffering hurricane damage. However, the truth is very much the opposite. It is because garage doors cover such a large opening in your home that hurricane code compliance is vital for avoiding hurricane damage.


In order to reduce the amount of property damage and insurance claims from hurricanes and tropical storms, Florida legislature passed the Hurricane Code, which implemented standards for home products to withstand hurricanes and reasonably reduce the risk of extreme damage. This code has a specific section governing garage doors.

Below are some essential facts that you should know about hurricane garage door codes.

  • Garage Doors Need to Withstand High Winds- High wind from a hurricane can cause overhead doors to buckle by pulling it outward, pushing it inward, or removing it entirely, especially if they are not properly reinforced. It is important to make sure that your garage door will be able to withstand high wind conditions. During a hurricane, wind speeds may reach up to 100 miles per hour or stronger. With the right reinforcements, your garage door will not buckle under this immense force.
  • Garage Doors Could Be Hit by Debris- Debris being carried by the wind can projectile at high velocities. A strong and sturdy garage door will be protected against damage that is caused by flying debris.
  • Garage Doors Need to Retain Air Pressure- Reduced air pressure inside the home can reach magnitudes that can cause severe roof damage and damage to other structural systems. Garage door hurricane code ensures that all overhead doors are equipped with materials that help to prevent sudden changes in pressure.

Garage door replacement can be a smart option for Florida homeowners whose garage doors aren’t up to code. By switching out your current garage doors for hurricane proof models, you can rest assured that your home will remain intact throughout the next hurricane.

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