Permit Services

Expired Permit

A permit was obtained to remove walkway railings surrounding the entire property.


  • Expired Permit




  • Confirmed the work was not completed
  • Issued a Cancelation Letter
  • Provided proof of buidling code for the required scope of work

Code Violation

Pavers were installed, however the proper permit was not obtained, and the homeowner was issued a Code Violation for the following infraction:


  • No Permit




  • Obtain the proper After the Fact permit
  • No Repairs were required
  • No fines

Six Expired Permits

A closing was scheduled. Six expired permits were found where the final inspection was never completed. The permits were for plumbing, electrical, mechanical and structural work.


  • Six Expired Permits
  • Alterations not in code compliance




  • Renewed all 6 permits
  • Brought alterations up-to-code.
  • Closed the permits in time for the closing

Code Violation Warning

Eight years ago, a contractor installed shutters and did not pull the proper permit. Recently the homeowner was issued a Code Enforcement citation for the following infractions:


  • Shutters installed without the proper permit(s)
  • Shutters did not have the Notice Of Acceptance (NOA) stickers
  • Shutters were not installed per code
  • One shutter exceeded the maximum height allowance
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